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Meaningful Mentorship and Marketable Skills in Holistic and Spiritual Wellness

The Institute of Integrative Energetics is a multi-modality skill accelerator for established and aspiring spiritual practitioners. It is a place for teachers, seekers, and Lightworkers to connect and build around shared values. We offer a continually expanding set of educational options to assist your spiritual awakening and inform your professional pursuits. Take classes à la carte, or be guided through a continuum of courses designed to build professional levels of proficiency. Pursue the certifications that are most useful to you and that fit your schedule. You’ll also find curated small business classes and coaches for those that want to make a career out of your passion. Get support and mentorship from formation to launch within a community that shares your values.

“Light seekers deserve to have trustworthy providers, real marketable skill sets, and meaningful mentorship.”

Leah Ardent, Owner Practitioner

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Mind Alignment Protocol

The Mind Alignment Protocol is a personal development course designed to facilitate increasingly effective manifestation.

Journey to Self Love

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
– Rumi

Mastering Tarot Without Books

Mastering Tarot Without Books teaches you how to accurately interpret the Tarot without having to memorize card meanings or constantly refer to books.


Certification Pathways

Our certification roadmap allows you to choose your path, while still creating structure for you to gain meaningful skills. 

  • Theoretical Foundations
  • Practical Skills
  • Energetic Attunements
  • Self Healing
  • Business Preparation

Our Learning Pathways

Grow your gifts, step into your magick, and even build a business around sharing your Light


We offer a wide variety of courses at varying levels to help you cultivate your skills.


Our instructors and coaches undergo an extensive
screening process.


Our certification pathway provides structure
without being restrictive.


You have access to energetically aligned mentors
with real world experience.


Gain access to our collective of inspired free-thinkers.
Collaborate & grow!


Online courses and community are there to fit your schedule.

Our Instructors

Leah Ardent

Leah Ardent

Leah is a multi-modality spiritual practitioner and actualization coach. Her personal experiences with physical and emotional trauma have made her passionate about the power of alternative healing. Over the course of her own journey she learned the importance of good guidance and solid mentorship. The Institute is her attempt to share that privilege and make personal development more accessible to all.

Thea Faye

Thea Faye

Thea Faye is a home educating mother of five who lives in South Wales with her husband and an ever-growing menagerie. Her mission is to demystify magick, empowering others to develop their own personal connection with the great big whatever. An initiate of both Craft
and ceremonial orders, she’s passionate in her pursuit of discovering what makes the universe tick. Thea believes fervently that everyone deserves support in building their personal praxis. 

Mariah Rossel

Mariah Rossel

Mariah is an LPCC (licensed professional counselor candidate), Reiki master/teacher, reflexologist and healer based in Boulder, CO. She specializes in empowering adults and adolescents to heal their traumatic pasts and step into their authentic being.


Pallas Dame

Pallas Dame

Pallas Dame is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specializing in hormone balancing through food and lifestyle. Pallas became a Health Coach after reclaiming her life from a decade long health journey battling chronic Lyme disease, severe, undiagnosed post-partum depression, and health fallout from the MTHFR gene. Building on her personal experiences, she trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she received in-depth training in nutrition, health & wellness, coaching skills, and business development.

Brenda Hardwick

Brenda Hardwick

Brenda Hardwick is an Award Winning Author and Healer who is a Teacher and Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom. She is also studied and certified in several healing modalities including a Master of Shamanic Reiki, and a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Cassandra Moore

Cassandra Moore

Cassandra is a multimedia producer, historian, and mindfulness practitioner. She addresses her struggles with anxiety using mindful methods in order to cope in non-destructive manners. As a former tech troubleshooter, she thinks about how mindfulness has the ability to replace the bad “installs” with good “installs” of healthy self-worth. She is passionate about making mindfulness intersectional and accessible to everyone. Cassandra believes in the power of creativity and mindfully heals through her art of photography, writing, and knitting. You can find Cassandra behind her camera people watching or perusing the history section of her local bookstore. Hot coffee is her favorite thing to eat or drink, goes for mindful walks as often as
she can and has an affinity dogs, winter, and plush blankets.

Lauren Antuofermo

Lauren Antuofermo

Lauren Antuofermo is a Spiritual Teacher, Coach, and Speech Channel with the ability to receive spiritual guidance through the Archangels, Spirit Guides, and Akashic Records. Aside from that, Lauren is a mom, wife and U.S.A.F. Reserve Command United States Air Force veteran who traded in her uniform in 2005 to earn her Masters in exercise physiology and fitness! With her M.S. in Exercise Physiology she was promoted as the Fitness and Health Program Expert for the U.S Air Force Reserve Command allowing her to serve thousands both on an individual basis as well as in groups. Lauren became a public speaker and teacher on the topics of health and wellness, stress reduction, weight loss and more.

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